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Convince faster with your added value

We support the Business to Business financial, the technology and manufacturing entrepreneur, the CEO or Business Developer with a marketing department that increases your added customer value. We tackle this by using a persuasion strategy, (SaaS) marketing, branding, (web)design and graphic design.

How do you help customers and stakeholders convincing themselves faster?

We increase the visibility of your added value for customers and help communicating that value onto customers so customers can more easily convince themselves to use your service.

With a visibly higher added value you can increase profits or offer a higher segment: make your treasured customer the best paying customer aswell.

Themes of our customers

We support you by looking at fruitful ways of getting customers to convince themselves more easily to buy (more of) your services. This is done by using both theoretical and creative visual design and a knowlegde-based workshop. Examples of these can be

  • Marketing workshops
  • Guideline ideas for new prospects
  • Designs and styling
  • Sales presentations
  • Website marketing and design
  • Expert content

Everything to show the customer what your strenghts are and how you can solve an important problem of your customer with these.

Themes that are relevant for our customers are:

Rule or refresh your lean start-up marketing strategy

A special mix of different tools, knowledge and working methods: strategy, lean and agile methods with weekly incremental updates and visual design to directly embed with customers. Quick usuable results and the possibility for weekly adjustments where needed. 

Participants of the programme have one of the following goals:

  • Pitch strategy for new customers 
  • Improve current conversion steps
  • Find the right customers for a new product or service
  • Sharpen one's proposition to get further into the market
  • Communicate the added value more easily onto customers, which currently isn't happening rapidly enough. This causes decelerated customer growth and increased dependence upon current customers. 

This 3-month marketing/growth hacking programme is most suitable for the entrepeneur who executes follow-up actions in marketing and design him- or herself.

Your own marketing and (web)design department from a distance

Customers find it hard to translate their strategies to concrete tangible and well designed promotion material. Current templates (e.g. for websites) are experienced as too limiting, or customers cannot find the time to actively be involved with their execution.

Upgrade your persuation strategy, (SaaS) marketing, web and visual design

In order to quickly get solutions that fit your company precisely you use the Marketing and Design team under supervision by Sibren van der Burgt. It exists out of experienced experts who take care of the realisation of complete websites, all text and visuals, the LinkedIn profile, emailing, corporate identities and brochures.

Everything is in complete order with the determined customer contact moments and marketing persuation strategy. Consistence is key, with contemporary styling and perfect presentation.

No fuss or marketing tattle

You don't want fancy marketing stories and lengthy reports but instead hands-on acting. 

It is necessary to quickly communicate the added value to customers in order to quicken the process to paying customer. 

But you are not looking for:

  • marketing tattler with innovative but unrealistic plans
  • design guru who wants to improve every fine detail
  • allround strategist who does not understand in which business a Software company is located in
  • Rectilineal webdesigner who only speaks of ones and zeros

You are done with difficult practices, egos, multiple promises and zero understanding. For a lot of companies the trust in "marketing gurus" is below zero.

Curious as to which advantages you get when working with Sibren Strategy & Design?